The Monk of Humanity

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To Dwell on ones own misery is cruel. It is not only cruel to oneself but cruel to those around you. To push your misery onto others is the worst thing a person can do. Smile more. Laugh more. Remember that when your world is covered in darkness that you can still smile. You can always smile.

Am I the only one seeing the similarities between modern America, 1984, and Soylent Green?
Our food is processed. Our news is filtered through the pockets of the obscenely rich. Our thoughts are monitored.
A genocide is occurring in our nation. The goal is to scare us all to become slaves to the multi billion dollar corporations and the corrupt tyrannical government.
“If someone has to tell you you are free, you are not free.”

finessethemind asked: Not directed at you. Just in general.


Well the issue with the attitude of “you’re not a real activist unless you protest IRL” is that some people cannot do so safely or practically. Posting on the internet does spread the word, and voting isn’t as photographic as picket signs but powerful nonetheless.

You make a point.
Although if everyone is posting and so few are protesting, the point isn’t really being made. That and votes are not cast these days. They are bought by those with the most money. I don’t have 3 million dollars to pay a group of lobbyists to get the government to adhere to my interests. Do you?

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.”

– Elbert Hubbard (via maxkirin)